~*At the time when the music of Asian, American, & European has been dominated by Korean, I write this writing in English, still, this is the first time I use it for this kind of blog.

Jumping at the moment I want to oppose some arguments, why I start to write my stuff of minds in this Monarchy-Colonial franco-phone? Why I’m not still write it on Bahasa Indonesia as I used to write in this kind of blog as if before?

Talking about Language, we can never separated it from Culture & Arts, but how words affecting Arts? There’s so many ways to interpret & express in redefining the definition of Arts it self. How far can we go beyond Arts? How free can Arts be, and why it is cost priceless in some community while talking about the auctioning terms & conditions?

All of us wont hesitate for a free arts, but atleast if we must to pay, for a reasonable & proportional amount of money. But when money not a big deal anymore, what more reasonable than just a feeling to find a way the meaning of beautiful standards itself?

For me, the standardization of the law of the prettiest is not all the same way by the logic of the fittest who can survive. It’s quite differ though quite same at the slightest view of points. The important and vital one is; How Far Can The Standard Of Beauty Interpret The Meaning Beyond Any Symbol & Designs?

To answer that thesis question, let’s begin with the reason of the process of Arts itself. There’s many ways to produce the form of Arts, let me distinguish it into two kind of process; 1st is the Neurotic Ways, 2nd is the Calligraphic Ways

The 1st ways is included the process on how Arts manifested from any sublimed abnormality which expressed in such hype-reality concept, whether it’s kind of photo, paintings, and sculpturing, more over also be founded in any tittle by song, movies, and literature. To understand this kind of Arts need much more efforts in ways to personalized and projecting as if we having the same shoes; both size and design, and wearing it for entire of lifetime period.

The 2nd ways is can be finding in such process where the core of the crystalized design start from a letter or words that resemble the compositions & proportion of the Arts within. This one of kind maybe much more easier at the face validity of understanding, but it much more multi-interpretable since there’s so many native letters, words, grammar, moreover proverbs, then combine it with dialect & other suprasegmental structure that also contribute in the process of understanding.

Now let’s take an example from daily reality; my friend and me. Before go further, i’m gonna determine my friend (H) as sample #1 as the represent of 1st ways of Arts, and me (T) as sample #2 associated with 2nd ways of Arts.

H produce her ways of Arts by sublimate her frustration towards drop-out issues from our campus. While T “re”-produce his ways of Arts by capturing his manifestation of life by degrading content & context of letters, words, & meaning of it. From those 2 diverge conceptions, we’re gonna converge it into one distinguish & determinant issues; How H & T procreate in their each ways of Arts correlate to the standard of beauty?

After all, beauty is beauty, no matter ugly actually it means to anyone else, since it’s not only relative, but also energetic; could transform into any kind of both cruelty and generosity, as if anytime the lyrics of “Killing Me Softly” has been replayed all over again and been heard by any ears.

Beauty it’s not coincide, since it has been structured so many time in so many ways. In enjoying beauty itself needed curatorial process; how to interpret the designs & concept, both from the creator and or by the audience. Beauty is not as easy as you distinguish one value to one another. Beauty also could resemble Pain, like ever told by such literature where people tends to be Ugly rather than imagined as the Perfect One just to be ruined at the end of time.

Back to the example, beauty by H represents in her ways to fluids all the barrier of emotional breakdowns, while beauty by T reproduce in his ways to explode all the repressive past of traumatic events. Both of H and or T ways of Arts have a common Beauty; How to restructured version as if self therapy sessions.

H tends to view it by expressive audiovisual, while T tends to tell it in such regressive content&text. Either exposure and or regression of the two kind ways of Arts to be procreated, H & T still need what Stephen Hawkins told as the Trinity Law of the Universe Creation; Matter, Energy, & Space.

Talking about Matter, H using paint for her works on canvas, while T using words for his works on papers. H get her source of Energy from the desperation of scholars & after-graduate issues, in the other side, T get it from the repressive traumatic events of his past life.

Talking about space, whether H and or T actually working at the same place; Universe. It’s limitless ways to figure out how actually ways of Arts really works. Since one person is possible to be one Universe, then we called a bunch of ideas from more than one people as Galaxy. There’s no boundaries how far can you go with your works, it could be done anywhere!

The actual process happening in mind; where reason & feeling fight to be survival one. Maybe you can choose whether you want to be such analytical & skeptical one (The Compulsive), or the other ways; be intuitive & spontaneous (The Impulsive). At the end, there’s one left vital thing that really count; means. How long anyone can interpret any works by using differ technics regarding their logic ways of thoughts?

While I’m leaving you with that question, let me (T) and my friend (H) build an Online Art Gallery Project in the time of our Campus recharging their Law&Order regarding the implementation of Liberal Arts issues. See you at our auctions, may the highest bid get the “Beauty” as they need, not only they want to be “Free” from value’s traps.

_Allahua’lam bishawab,

(29 Novembre 2011M / 4 Muharram 1433H)

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