Beasiswa Astra untuk Semua Bidang Studi

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Since early 2000, Astra has been concerned with the education sector in Indonesia, and as many as 107.071 scholarship program has been issued by Astra.

As a concrete manifestation of Astra concern to the Indonesia’s education sector and Astra Roadmap strategy, namely: Portfolio, People & Public Contribution. Then in every second semester in each year, Astra gives 80 scholarships to the best students from 12 universities, and mentoring program for 1 year to them in developing technical competencies and non-technical or soft competencies.

The grantee will attend a series of activities such as :

  • Comprehensive personality development program
  • Learning opportunities in Astra Group
  • Donation for study, amount 5 millions/person/semester
  • Opportunities to take responsibility on big project amount 5 millions/person

Through this program students are expected to be able to recognize the world of work more closely and can utilize Astra’s affiliated company environment to improve their soft and technical competencies.

In the future, Astra will continue to expand the mentoring program to students so they are ready to contribute optimally to the organizations where they work and become the qualified next generation.

Astra 1st qualification :

  • All students min 3 – 7 semester from all majors
  • Have GPA min 3.0
  • Actively involved in organizational activities
  • Isn’t receiving scholarship from others institution / company

If you meet our requirement, we invite you to be the next Astra1st, please download the registration form here and send it to : before 9 April 2012.

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