Experience in joining TRUI

My name is Tomi. I am studying computer engineering as my major in university of Indonesia. Being a part of this great university is really an honor to me. But what I really wanted to be part of is university of Indonesia robotics team. This team is known as TRUI in short. I currently in the proccess of joining TRUI. As joining this great team is not easy, one need to follow the procedure to join this team. First of all, you need to attend studium generale which I attend to. This event is important as candidates are being explain about each division functionality in the team. I am surprised that TRUI have amazing members that won a lot of competition as this make me more excited to join TRUI. Despite of the fact i am studying computer engineering, I choose managerial division in the team. I like to study about computer stuff but my passion is in managing things especially as a public speaker in PR. The next week after the studium generale event, there are pre test and interview for the next procedure. The pre test is not that hard actuallly but i’ve been neglecting the basic knowledge in managerial stuff, i don’t think i’ ll get a good score. Either way I am confident about the interview as you only need to answer several question being ask honestly. Doing the test and interview is a great way to build your mental in my opinion. After that I need to undergo a scheduled training to know more about the division i’m in. The first training was held on last monday. It was an exciting and fun session. I get to meet new friends and know more about my division. Well of course there are task that needs to be done or you can say homework.  The first one is writing my experience and post it in this website and so I did in this writing. Instead of writing in Indonesia, I tried to write in English, to make it cool of course :p. This have been my experience until now to join TRUI. Final words, i hope i could be a part of this team.

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