Global Youth Ambassador Program

Global Youth Ambassador Program


Volunteer This September with AIESEC UI by joining Global Youth Ambassador Program. It’s an opportunity for you to develop your leadership potential through an international social volunteering program. When you volunteer abroad, you’ll be the one who represents Indonesia to the world, which means you’re an ambassador of Indonesia. As an ambassador, you have the chance to travel, to discover, and most importantly, to change the world!

Why not take the chance to be an ambassador? This is a great chance, especially for fresh graduates. To broaden your knowledge before stepping into the corporate-world! You’ll have a cross-cultural learning experience while working for projects and NGOs abroad for 6 weeks. You could develop so many skills, such as communication, team management, leadership, project management, and time management skills. 

So, be our Global Youth Ambassador this September! Go to  to apply! #WhyAmbassador

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