Indonesia MUN 2012 “Fostering People, Securing Nations”

Model United Nations is basically an academic simulation of United Nations conferences which assemble national as well as international students to participate, take role as diplomats or country representatives and engage in constructive debates regarding global issues. During 3 days and 5 sessions of conferences, delegates will represent their country’s policies by conducting speeches and lobbying process. In the end of the conference, delegates will come together to create a resolution which can be passed through a voting system.

If Harvard was the first university which introduced world’s first international MUN, then IndonesiaMUN is the pioneer of MUNs in Indonesia. We are proud to serve you with competent directors (many of which won awards in national and international MUNs previously) and the best social event experience (diplomatic dinner, etc.) to enjoy with a diversity of students from all over the world.


So this is the chance for you to feel the atmosphere of being a diplomat and solve the global issue, starting from settle up the dispute over south china sea in ASEAN Regional Forum, debating whether we should limit or control the salary of football player in UEFA, determining whether the MDGs has successfully managed by all countries in ECOSOC, empowering the economic stability over European Union, establishing the future of South Korea in United Nation Security Council, and reconstructing the definition yet the implementation of democracy in the Congress of Westphalia.



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Conference date: October 2nd to 5th 2012

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We’re looking forward to seeing you in the conference!

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