International Internship Program


Get an international working experience while get well-paid in same time!

What are you waiting for? AIESEC UI provide an priceless internship program that you need.

How to sign up? Just send your CV + language certificate( TOEFL/IELTS/etc) to

This month we have SPECIAL OPPORTUNITY for you who have passion in cooking! Yes, we have an job vacancy as CHEF-ASSISTANT in TAIWAN.

But for you with other passion don’t worry, we have so much working opportunity in other fields such as marketing, education, so many more. Also we have partnership with multi-national company like Unilever, P&G, Microsoft, and many more.

Send your CV and language certificate before November 19th 2013 @9PM SHARP.

If you pass the CV selection, you will have interview on 23rd November 2013 @ Universitas Indonesia,Depok.

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