Jakarta Movement of Inspiration

Introduction to Jakarta Movement of Inspiration

Jakarta Movement of Inspiration (JKTMoveIn) is the grand collaboration of Jakarta youth in art & creativity. Here in JKTMoveIn, all the best of Jakarta’s talented youth from different schools and universities will join forces in the running to create the first ever Jakarta Movement of Inspiration Musical – a musical for inspiration and positive change. Besides empowering youth in art & creativity, this is our way of contributing to strengthen the function of art not just as entertainment but as a powerful mass communication tool that can educate, deliver values & shape the character of our society. The story we tell will represent a significant social cause that is relatable to all youth. This ground breaking movement will be the new parameter of youth creativity and create a statement that youth can make great change.

Jakarta Movement of Inspiration will held two kind of events. The first one is Inspiration Session, that will be held on 17 May 2014. Through this event, you will have the chance to be directly inspired by some of Indonesia’s most inspirational figures. The Inspiration Session itself will bring two topics to be discussed. The first one is “ Shaping the future of Indonesia’s Creative Industry”, and the second one is “ Win the Future through Education, Passion, and Dreams”. Beside this Inspiration Session, JKTMoveIn also will produced a youth musical. This musical will the biggest youth musical ever in Jakarta, a grand collaboration of art and creativity by Jakarta’s youth. The title of the musical is “Musikal Sekolahan”, a story about a girl called Dhea, a high school student, and some of her friends, whom fight for their passion and dreams. “Musikal Sekolahan” will be coming to you this June! Jakarta Movement of Inspiration is ready to inspired all of you out there. Join this awesomeness, and prepare yourself to be inspired by us!!!

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“Inspiring Youth, win the future through education, passion, and dreams!!! Get involved and be inspired!!!”

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