English Debating Society (EDS)

Nama Komunitas: English Debating Society (EDS)

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Established : 5 May 1998

Purpose : student-run organisation that aims to foster critical thinking, develop public speaking skills, and provide students with the means to get involved in the democratic process through debating activities.

Contribution : EDS UI is the pioneer of english debating in Indonesia, and has grown into the largest and most successful debating club in the country, as well as an emerging force to be reckoned with in the international debating circuit. EDS UI participates at many national and international tournaments, hosts various debate and adjudication workshops, assists the Ministry of National Education in promoting debating activities in the provinces, and provides debate trainings for many high schools in Jakarta.

Visit us, Pusat Kegiatan Mahasiswa (Pusgiwa), Universitas Indonesia, Depok campus

Trainings are held every Wednesday (4 PM – 6 PM) and Saturday (10 AM – 12 PM).


Kegiatan: Our main focus is debating sometimes we do it just for fun, other times we do it for competitions held in both national and international level. But our EDS Members also adjudicate debate and have a focus on creating a proliferation on critical thinking. We proliferate by giving workshops, coaching system, and also cooperation with other entities.

Website: eds.ui.ac.id

Facebook: English Debating Society Universitas Indonesia

Twitter: @eds_ui

Contact Person: Aulia Anggita, aulialarasati[at]yahoo.com