Management Exposed Company Visit to Dunia Fantasi, Taman Impian Jaya Ancol

Amusement industry?

What is amusement industry?

What is the first thing that appears in your mind when you hear the term above?

Is it a café adopting unique concepts like the Comic Café or Strawberry Café? Or is it a theme park with multitudinous numbers and various types of ride and attraction like the Dunia Fantasi (Dufan)? Or is it simply a karaoke business like the NAV or InulVizta?

Amusement industry is a simple yet complex industry. It could be considered simple because its main aim is simply to entertain people, especially those who want to get entertainments and refreshments as “intermezzo” of their hectic daily life. On the other hand, the industry is as well complex because people basically perceive happiness in different ways. Some may have theirselves entertained only by listening to their favourite songs or reading books written by their favourite authors, while some others may do so by  doing extreme sports.

The things depicted in the previous paragraph are some of the main factors why the amusement industry has never lacked and will never lack demands; people will always need to get entertainments and refreshments no matter what. But then a question comes up: if the demand is constantly high, why is there quite a lot of businesses in the amusement industry that has been obliged to go bankrupt? Could it be due to their bad planning mechanism? Or is it because of the lack of research they conducted before actually deciding to start the businesses?

If you ever want to initiate a business in the amusement industry, the preceeding questions are amidst those that urgently need to be solved. Therefore, to give a more thorough view on this issue to the Indonesian youth, MSS FEUI proudly presents Management Exposed COMPANY VISIT to DUNIA FANTASI, TAMAN IMPIAN JAYA ANCOL on Tuesday, November the 30th, 2010. Let’s take one day off and have an extraordinary experience with us!

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