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Universitas Indonesia Synthetic Biology Club (UI SynBio Club)

==========     Member Open Recruitment     ============


Hi everyone!

It’s 8th of August!

Time for us to announce the MEMBER OPEN RECRUITMENT of UI SYNBIO CLUB!


UI SynBio Club is a community for those willing to know more about Synthetic Biology beyond words. Why should you join us?


1.   You have the chance of becoming UI Representative Team of iGEM (International Genetically Engineered Machine) Championship! (click for more info). It’s basically the BIGGEST SynBio competition ever held. UI iGEM Team will be selected from UI SynBio members 🙂

2.   Join our classes, seminars, and workshops. FOR FREE!

3.   You also could get to learn in the REAL Laboratory, and developing DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Laboratory tools e.g.: PCR, Incubator, etc. used in Synthetic Biology.

4.  We’ll also preparing for our internal league to expand our creativity in “Synbio-ing”. A concept of learning activity by “competing” with other friends!

5.  To recapitulate the whole things, we’re learning Synthetic Biology in FUN ways!


How to join us?

It’s easy! Get yourself registered in:

Other than that, prepare your own CV and Motivation Letter (format: to be submitted in the link.


For how long?

UI SynBio Club Member Open Recruitment will be opened from 8th of August until 5th of September 2014. Well, the deadline could be a month away, but don’t let yourself drown in hesitation, just click the link and you’re just a step away towards becoming UI Synbio Club member!

We’re eagerly waiting for your participation in #UISynBioMemberOprec 😀 See you!

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Twitter: @UI_SynBio

Facebook: Universitas Indonesia Synthetic Biology Club


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Vanessa 085282209221 

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