MINUS and Clinic 2009

MINUS and Clinic 2009


Introducing one of the annual music events in Indonesia!!
Packaged by music seminar and clinic organized by students of Faculty of Economics University of Indonesia. Experience the seminar and clinic offering competent and popular speakers and clinicians in music industry who will give you music education and also entertainment. MINUS and Clinic 2009 is being held for the 4th time to fill up and unfold the passion of people’s perspective of music. Each year, we serve the participants with improvement and innovation with a more interesting theme and artists who performe in the show. For MINUS and Clinic 2009, we present “MUSIC INDEPENDENCE” as the theme due to encourage about liberty and freedom in music.

Time and Place of Event

The Seminar will be held on:
Day / Date : Saturday, April 11th 2009
Place : Usmar Ismail Hall, Gedung Pusat Perfilman H. Usmar Ismail Kuningan
Time : 09.00 WIB till drop

The Clinic will be held on:
Day / Date : Sunday, April 12th 2009
Place : Shisha Cafe Kemang
Time : 13.00 WIB – till drop

Event Concept
*CLINIC “Soundiary : write your music on it!”
– ABOUT to start your home recording at your own home!
Featuring Clinicians : Ario Hendarwan (vox and guitarist of The Adams), Iman Fattah (bassist of Zeke and The Popo), Aghi Narottama (Sound Engineer), Agus Hardiman (Musiktek.com)
*CLINIC ENCORE “Jamming Sessions”
Indie All-Stars (Ario “The Adams” x Iman Fattah “Zeke and The Popo”) and many more to come!

*SEMINAR “Indie-pendence Day”
– ABOUT to start your music career through indie labels!
1st “All About Indie Managerials”
-Moderator : Soleh Solihun (Rolling Stone Indonesia).
-Speakers : Harlan Boer (Manager of Efek Rumah Kaca), Indra Ameng (Manager of White Shoes and The Couples Company)
2nd “Producing an Indie Masterpiece”
-Moderator : Idharrez (Ripple Magazine)
-Speakers : David Tarigan (Aksara Records), Wendi Putranto (Rolling Stone Indonesia and Manager of the Upstairs), Cholil Mahmud (Efek Rumah Kaca)
3rd “Share, Spread, and Sound the Unique Expression Of Indie”
– Moderator : Arian13 (Seringai – ex. Puppen)
– Speakers : Pipin Aldiana (Fast Forward Records), Sari (White Shoes and The Couples Company)

*MINUS ENCORE “Glamorous of the Indies”
– Live Music Performances, an Encore by
Sajama Cut, The S.I.G.I.T and many more to come!

Before H-2
SEMINAR : Rp 35.000,-
CLINIC : Rp 25.000,-
SEMINAR + CLINIC : Rp 55.000,-
Over H-2
SEMINAR : Rp 40.000,-
CLINIC : Rp 30.000,-
SEMINAR + CLINIC : Rp 65.000,-
Ticket price already include CERTIFICATE, GOODY BAG and FREE LUNCH!

Ready to EXPRESS your STYLE of MUSIC? Come and feel the freedom of Music Independence!
For further information, please call:
Don 08561671030 / 02193021087
Tiara 08567207848 / 02193300523
For ticket reservations, please call:
Dhila 05867898151 / 02193661988

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