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Finding a hard time looking for a place to exchange your thoughts on global issues?

Well don’t look further, because MUNPlanet is here!


What is MUNPlanet? MUNPlanet is the largest global community where you can discuss global issues; build a network, read stories from inspiring people, and so much more!

MUNPlanet provides a place to connect global minds to discuss not only United Nations topics but also entrepreneurship, youth leadership, sustainable technology and others. Check Ramesh Thakur article, “Choosing the next Secretary-General” to share your views on United Nations’ Secretary-General. Take a look at Wilf Mountfield interviews, who have attended over 50 MUNs worldwide. Or are you interested to attend MUN? MUNPlanet is the perfect place for you to find opportunity to join MUN around the globe.

People in MUNPlanet might not have the exact same perspectives of something, but they are very open-minded. They are very passionate about the world around them and MUNPlanet provides a space for them to share it globally. During my experience here, MUNPlanet gives me access to interact with these amazing people who dedicated their time to change the world for the better. By reading their stories and interacting with them, I was able to look at the big picture from various perspectives.

MUNPlanet exists to help young and aspiring minds to unleash their potential. So, what are you waiting for? Join MUNPlanet and let us hear your thoughts!


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