SCROUNDBITES : Screen and Sound, Recipes From The Expert

Movie and Music Seminar
Screen and Sound: Recipes From The Experts!

BEM FISIP UI Proudly presents:
Movie and Music Seminar “SCROUND BITES”
All of you who addict to movie, music, or both… Taste our special “Menu” from our Experts!

Time and Place
Wed-Thu, 28-29 Nov 200
Pukul 09.00-16.00
@ Pusat Studi Jepang (Kampus UI-Depok)

Check Out Our Menu:
DAY 1 : Movie Seminar
Session 1: Movie Production “From Script To Screen”
Session 2: Movie Evolution “Evolution Behind The Film Kitchen”

The Experts:
1.Mira Lesmana (Producer ‘AADC’, ‘Gie’, ‘Petualangan Sherina’)
2.Nia Dinata (Director ‘Arisan’, ‘Berbagi Suami’)
3.Dimas Jay (Director ‘Jelangkung’)
4.Angga Dwimas (Young Director ‘Jelangkung 3’, ‘Foto Kotak Jendela’)
5.Dian Sastro (Aktris ‘AADC’, ‘Pasir Berbisik’, ‘Bintang Jatuh’, ‘Soulmate’, ‘Ungu Violet’)
6.Salman Aristo (Script Writer ‘Jomblo’, ‘Cinta Silver’)

DAY 2 : Music Seminar
Session 1: Recording Production “How We Produce Our Tracks”
Session 2: Promotion, Distribution, and Marketing “Delicious Delivery through The Market”

The Experts :
1.Bengbeng ‘PAS Band’
2.Iyo ‘Pure Saturday’
3.Ernest (Marketing ‘Sony-BMG’)
4.Felix Dass (Marketing ‘Fast Forward’)
5.Dimas Black (RTC UI, ‘My Label Has No Record)
6.Music Director

+Film Screening
+ Coaching Clinic by ‘Guitartainment’
+ Live Recording
+ Live Band ‘Bananakustik’
+ Quiz
+ Doorprize
+ Lunch

1 day Rp 25.000
2 days Rp 45.000

Call Melly (08561242139) Mela (021-92117033)

And Don’t Forget to Bring Your Demo CD!!!

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