The 2nd Music Gallery: “Discography”

Music Gallery

Music Gallery is the biggest annual music event held by BSO Band FEUI, Which  have successfully made its debut last year with the theme “Indiedecade”. This year BSO Band FEUI presents you The 2nd Music Gallery “Discography”. We  choose  discography  as  our  theme  this  year  because we want  to  tell  you stories of the artists musical journey that will perform at the show.


•  Dried Cassava

•  The Adams

•  White Shoes and the couples company

•  The Upstairs

•  Pure Saturday

•  Gugun Blues Shelter

•  The Trees and The Wild

•  Roman Foot Soldiers

•  Backwood Sun

•  Cascade

•  Swimming Elephants

•  Jali-Jali

•  Bard Shuffle

•  Zorv Plainlied

•  R.A.T

•  Luscious Monday

•  Lundi Groove

•  More to be announced…


Date: March 10th 2012

Venue: Upper Room, Annex Building near Pullman Hotel (formerly Nikko Hotel)

Time:  3.30pm ‘til midnight.


•  1st Presale Rp.45.000,- *Sold Out

•  2nd Presale Rp. 55.000

•  Normal Price Rp. 75.000 (on the spot)

More Info :

•  Tumblr:

•  Twitter:  @2ndMusicGallery (Please mention it on your twitter / Adlibs)

•  CP: Rama – 08119208485 (For tickets only) / Brena – 081281121605

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