UI’s International Medical Doctor Program = 1 Luxury Apartment at Kemang!

Dear friends who concern in education,

Last week I went to my pediatrician at Daan Mogot. After he examined my son, we got a chit-chat.
“Doc, I think your daughter now is in college, right?”
“Did she study medical doctor too?” I assumed if he’s a peditrician, so his daughter might interested in medical doctor (MD) too.
“She studied at UI?”
“No, she failed the exam again this year.”
“Again? How come? You’re alumni UI, you do have a good network, don’t you?”
He smiled, “It’s not that easy. Well, it’s her second time and she’s determined to go to UI. But it’s so difficult. That’s why when she failed last year, she took a year course to prepare this year exam. As I said before, she failed again. But now she’s at Trisakti University.”

I just nodded, but I was curious too, “How much is the initial fee? I heard it was Rp 100 million to Rp 150 million.”
With his sympathetic smile, he said,”It depends…”
“On what?”
“Well if you take the special program, you have to pay Rp 400 million. If you take the international program and you pass the test, you have to pay Rp 2 billion!”

“What?? Rp 2 billion? Good Gracious!! Are you nuts? You can buy a luxury apartment at Kemang. Rp 2 billion…?! You’re kidding, ringht?!”
“I am not. Rp 2 billion, no more, no less.”
I was shocked and at the same time speechless.
“Who wants to go to UI’s MD international program with Rp 2 billion?”
“Well lots of students took the exam. Therefore they selected the best of the ‘richest’ best students!” He laughed jokingly.
Then I continued, “How come UI can receive more than Rp 2 billion and we’ve been paid Rp 82,000/ week?”

“What???” my pediatrician was stunned, “That’s my civil servant salary years ago. How come is still the same? They paid me Rp 84,000/month. How can you live?”
“Hmm… actually they increase it to Rp 225,000/attendance. But still…,”
“Yes it’s ridiculous. But you’re working in other institution right?”
“Ahhh… the payment is still wayyyyy under!”

Suddenly we both got ulcer.

And my ulcer was getting worst when I received the bill: Rp 400 thousand for his fee + medicine. Arrggghhhh!

Even my weekly salary from UI can’t pay his bill.


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  1. Intinya bukan tu anak masuk mana, tapi lo bayangin gimana dosen bisa bayar dokter dengan gaji segitu. Makanya gw sekarang belajar bekam, jadi ngga prlu ke dokter lagi. Gw belek sendiri dan sedot tu darah kotor kalau pas sakit. Allah bersama hamba2nya yg dhaif dan……sembuhlah gw tanpa harus bayar dokter. Bahkan anak2 gw juga gw belek sendiri, dan alhamdulillah mereka sehat2 aja.


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