ASA League 2016 – Challenge yourself!

Interested in joining the first sport event held by Accounting Students Association of S1 PrasetiyaMulya? Come and join us in ASA League 2016!

For those of you who have the willingness and urge in sports can surely join this epic event that is about to be held soon!

ASA League 2016 is the first sports event that is organized by Accounting Students Association of S1 PrasetiyaMulya, which intends to display and appreciate the talents and interests of students through sports. Not only builds competitive spirit and sportsmanship, it also aims to bind and strengthen connections with external parties through this event.

POSTER ASA LEAGUEAccounting students are welcomed to choose or likely join all the various competitions that are available! The available competitions are Men’s Futsal, Women’s Futsal, Men’s Basketball, 3×3 Basketball, 3 Point Contest and even Crossbar Challenge.

No worries for those of you who aren’t majoring in Accounting, because you can still join some of our competition! 3×3 Basketball and mini games such as 3 Point Contest and Crossbar Challenge are available for all students. You guys can also enjoy IBL’s stars and Jakarta69fc’s performance! So come and join us!

ASA League 2016 will take place at S1 PrasetiyaMulya’s court from April 4th – April 11th 2016. Don’t miss this opportunity to bring out the fraternity among us! Also you wouldn’t want to slip out the chance to win a total prize of 22 million rupiah!


To register yourselves up, you can go through these links :





For more info, don’t hesitate to contact us through our friends below!

  • Men’s Basketball & 3 x 3 Basketball :Christopher Bryan ( 08567194506 )
  • Men’s Futsal & Women’s Futsal :ShendyHendrawan ( 08995422540 )
  • 3 Point Contest & Crossbar Challenge : Vanessa Alex ( 08119410428 )


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