What A Violence?
It was all begin when I watched the freshmen performance on my campus, called as Petang Kreatif (Creative Afternoon) at the beginning of December (Solar Calendar) and also Muharram (Lunar Calendar). It’s been held annually, even though there has been a postponed performance on 2008. It’s consist of theatrical & dramatic performance from UnderGraduates Programs as listed on Faculty of Humanities Studies (with Culture, History, Linguistic, Literature, & Philosophy listed as Master & PostGraduates Programs).

Every year of this event represents not only the solidarity of the Program, but also associates how the connection & network processing between the freshmen, junior, sophomore, senior, even more over; the alumni & the society of the student member of the programs. It’s been a while for me as the member of Indonesian Literature & Linguistic UnderGraduates Program Class 2004 before I moved and transferred my credits to another Faculty of Psychology on 2006. Yes, me myself and I never played any role in 2004 events of this kind of dramatic stage. But you will never know until I tell you why the year of 2011 has been special events not only because of the judges & the winners; the play itself.

Where The Crime Begin?
On the stage, everything was set up as it has to be. Those bleeding made-up Bloods; violence & murders; weapons in any kind of martial arts forms; the slow effects attributed & completed by its motions & lights; the hyper-real LIVE property; all of it just to be killed? No matter how further the stories went, either like the wind blew so narrow and cold, or speedy as thunder and drained like floods. From the tragedy; semi-documentary; historical-reinterpreted; until the most satiric hilarious moments of plots, choreographs, and narratives folklore adopted scripts. It’s all consist of “Fights Against & For Humanities” conceptions. The ideas of “To Kill or To Be Killed” associated & symbolized exaggeratedly in every detailed dramaturgy. While the attendances, me and another who saw it from the audience sitting area; the seniors who organize the events; also the judges on their own semi-separated places complimented by chair, table, & consumptions from the sponsor; all been mesmerized by the hyper-sensitization processing towards information & perception which made those reddish and dark settings are so great to be true.

When The Victim Will Be Healed?
By the lights goes dark, those walking dead start to stand up. The Shadow Man; it’s how they’d been called in such technical context of theatrical methods. Not only back to life; they also did the property things; prepared the Bloods and cleaned it up after the scene. They who helped the action & fighting stage shone brighter than the lamps; both from the above, below, and the electrified neons as the part of the costume. Wondering how much this could be happened in the real life; how far media could penetrate minds of the readers of newspapers & magazines, the viewers of national & local televisions, the listeners of mega hertz & streaming radios. How the real Shadow Man; also known as secret agents of the state; could provoke people as the attractive law of society. How violences really do, did, done in the influencing process of political & socio-cultural in this state of tropical forest?

Who’s Gonna Be The Vindicated?
In short, everything was going fine, until one of the audience fainted because the lack of respiration; Oxygen insufficiency. As what living things got from the rain forest, Oxygen has been reduced dramatically by the time of agricultural & mining over-expands as the consequences of Industrial Revolution Era. So does on the auditorium where the events had been held. It was happened when the pathways lined between the audience seating area only provided for the casts as the vital starter part of one drama. Despite of breaking the line to give away for the asthmatic audience; the organizer still run the Twilight Folklore of “Shadow & Fire Stage”. They even won for the Best Script Adaptation category and become the Most Favorite one. By the time it was all happening in such fast doomsday; I’m yelling. No matter if I will had been the accused one for ruin the peace full ambience of the event, but I kept shout out my loud voice. Anytime anyone push all of us forward, we, the standing audience kept the barricade so thus wont effect any harm to those who seated by their butts pleasantly. Even I’d been struggling with my own respiratory matters coz of the same insufficient air elements; I kept yelling to the back part of barricade, said that “Should I Kept Yelling At Your Face Twice And Thousand Times?” Until the Twilight Drama done, and one of us fainted because the Bloody rush of other who kept pushing us the standing barricade to keep moving forward.

Why Blood?
Biologically, Oxygen is one of the vital part of Blood. Socially, everything made sense to us; how the events required more than perfectionist preps & coordinations. They need to held a ritual before the event held; Mythically. Since the show continuously provided Bloods & other covariants related matters to the audience, the juniors need to know that Culturally it is forbidden to held any violated & bleeding performances during the months of Lunar Calendar; “Thou Shall Not Be In War” also known as the vacuum of power in Political terms. Since it’s also had been 7 years of the Students Elections Clash between the Campus Idealist Activists, it is needed to held such logical & ethical discussion towards cultural contract between them; not just by how Campus Bureaucrats shut down the show as been happened on 2008, and to cut the Scholarship for whom it might concerned as Rebellious Student, and made it as something not important since this University of the State, not only presumed owned by certain groups & interest! How long this real bleeding events should take over the Dramatic Stage of Bloods?

How To Be Transfused?
It is the new generation that should carried on the Bleeding-Lines, who will continue the pathways of life journey of this Academia Civilization. How this faculty of life could be part of universe if there’s no peace on it? Where do we could living peacefully if we could never start the beginning as a brand new chapter of Liberal Arts interaction of Knowledge Diamonds? By asking this question to the final paper last semester class, and making new further questions for the new entry potential high school students who really wants to be part of this University of the State; Thus the International Class Research Generations could build not only this Campus, but Nations in the name of Founding Fathers & Mother Nature. “May The Peace Upon & Be With Us In Heaven & Earth?”

~*Merry X-Mas & A Happy Holly New Year Days!

(24 Décembre 2012M / 29 Muharram 1433H)

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