Bukalapak.com Looks for Scalability Engineer

Ini ada titipan lowongan dari teman saya yang punya usahanya sendiri, website e-commerce namanya Bukalapak.com. FYI, Bukalapak.com ini belum lama kemarin dapat suntikan modal baru dari perusahaan inkubator asal Jepang.


Dear all,

Some of you probably already knew Bukalapak.com, one of Indonesian leading eCommerce platform who currently serves around 20,000 daily visitors with more than 12 millions of monthly pageviews.

Bukalapak.com is currently ready to go to next level in terms of visitors, views, transactions, etc after last week signed agreement to become partner of Batavia Incubator, a joint venture between Japanese venture capital firm and Indonesian financial institute. As part of that, we are inviting you to achieve this vision together by entering this position below.

Scalability Engineer

As Bukalapak.com is growing faster, we need robust support on technological aspect. The position offered will be responsible for this, specifically for maintaining bukalapak.com website so that it will stay live, reliably (especially at the low level). When we say growing, we want to move from 10-15 millions monthly pageviews into hundreds of millions, or even billions.

Scalability engineer will be the first person to ensure that the system is well prepared for this growth. That includes design and maintenance of scalable architectures (servers and other peripherals), optimization, and low level troubleshooting necessary to keep the system running.

Technical requirements:
– Familiar with Linux administration
– Familiar with low level troubleshooting
– Willing to learn new technology
– Hands-on experience in designing and developing fully scalable MySQL based database driven systems
– Master in Python/Ruby scripting language is highly recommended
– Web programming experience is a plus

Please note that if you feel that you do not fully meet requirements above yet you have willingness to be part of us and hence, willing to learn those contents, we will still consider your application.

Please forward your resume and samples of your work (blog, open source projects, etc if any) to job@bukalapak.com

thank you,


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