Children of Tomorrow (CoT)


Children of Tomorrow (CoT) is one of AIESEC Local Committee University of Indonesia’s annual Projects Based on Exchange (PBoX), which concerns mainly in educational issues. Project Based on Exchange itself means that the project will involve Exchange Participants from various countries across the world to participate in the teaching process. The main activity of this project is teaching children in rural areas English in order to help build and enrich their most basic educational needs.

By bringing “We Care, We Share” as our key theme in the next CoT 2014, we hope that we can show how we actually care by sharing our knowledge, experience, and happiness to the kids. On the other hand, we also hope that they will have more faith and be even more competent in chasing their dreams by the time this project ended, and will not be afraid in continuing their good deeds to make a change in their own surroundings. The whole event of Children of Tomorrow 2014 itself will take approximately one month, starting from January 6th to February 9th 2014, and will take place mostly in the Freedom Institute, Manggarai, South Jakarta.


The Itinerary


–          Welcoming Trip (Trip to Tidung Island, 6-8 Jan 2014)

All the EPs and OCs will have a trip to Pulau Tidung (Tidung Island, Kepulauan Seribu) and do some ice breaking activities to get to know each other better. Not only to break the ice, but the OCs will also give some further explanations and infos about the upcoming CoT.

–          Opening Session (9 Jan 2014)

A fun day for all the OCs, EPs, Volunteers, and children to introduce themselves to one another, where it is filled with sharing session—the kids may tell us what they expect from CoT 2014—and also a fun day filled with singing and games session.. prizes, prizes everywhere!


Main events

–          Teaching children (10 Jan- 7 Feb 2014)

The teaching subject will mainly be basic English for kids, but we are also trying to add some new teaching subjects like basic math, basic entrepreneurship, etc.

–          Outdoor activities

We will have outdoor session for the kids to learn more about their environment and the importance to keep their surroundings clean. This day out program will take place every Tuesday or Thursday, with fun games to play and cool session along the way.

–          Counseling session

This session is going to be held from Sunday to Friday after class. Children can share anything to the EPs, OCs, and Volunteers, from the general problems they have at home and school until their personal problems. By then, we hope that EPs, OC, and Volunteers will be closer with the children. This session is not compulsory for all children, only for those who feel there is something to share with.

–          Arts Competition and Sports (7 Feb 2014)

We are going to have a drawing competition for the children at the end of the event, followed by a fun gymnastic events for everyone to attend.

–          Fundraising

The fundrasing activity will be aimed especially for gaining fund which will be donated to Rumah Belajar Proklamasi. This will be done twice, at Car Free Day Sudirman.



–          Farewell party with children (8 Jan 2014)

A farewell party that will be held in the Freedom Institute and the children and EPs will perform something for the last day to make the day as unforgettable as possible! We also consider this day as the day where the EPs will give gifts/souvenirs from their countries to the kids.

–          Farewell party with EPs (9 Jan 2014)

This farewell party is only for EPs, OCs, and Volunteers in one of the restaurants or cafes in Jakarta. This will include a dinner with exchanging gifts day in a form of Secret Santa. Will definitely be a fun yet sad night to attend!


Opportunities for Public:

There are two opportunities opened for public, they are:

–          Volunteers

The main job for volunteers (a.k.a EP Buddies) is to help the EPs in the learning process. They will also help contribute in the fundraising activity alongside EPs and OCs.

–          Host Family

Host families are people who are willing to host the Exchange Participants from various countries in their homes during the CoT project.

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