Computers Get Together (CGT) 2017

To whom it may concern,
King Elliot requests the honor of your presence at the Royal Carnival on Saturday, 13th May 2016 at the Kingdom of Faculty of Computer Science Universitas Indonesia.
As part of an annual event that the kingdom shall hold annually, which purpose is to bring together the citizens of Fasilkom UI and all its elements therein, this event will be celebrated by the appearance of the honorable Eclat.
In this moment of joy, the King will open playground booths where winners shall take home their acclaimed prizes. Fret not if you lose, because food and drinks will await at different booths.
All residents from across the globe are cordially invited. The King poses no charge and everyone shall come and celebrate.
Should there be inquiries, King Elliot will be happy to reach out to you at his grandiose social medias:
Instagram: @cgtfasilkom
Line: @pjh5541r
Be there for no regrets!

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