Elesium UI 2016: “Exploring Oil and Gas Role in Future’s Energy Industry“

Petroleum & Energy Symposium (Elesium) will begin in the year of 2016 and is a collaboration between IATMI SMUI and SPE UISC. ELESIUM 2016 brings up the theme “Exploring Oil and Gas Role in Future’s Energy Industry“ that aim to educate young generations about the challenges in energy industry especially renewable energy that they will face in the future.

ELESIUM presents a series of events starting from  Pre Event then followed by Smart Competition , Oil Rig Design Competition , Forum Discussion , Study Case , IATMI SM & SPE SC Gathering and Gala Dinner to end the whole series. ELESIUM invites all major of college students and professionals to participate on its series of events. The main event will be held on 28 th until 30 th of October 2016.



27 October 2016: Technical Meeting

28 October 2016 : Competition: Smart Competition, Oil Rig Design, and Study Case

29 October 2016 : Forum Discussion

30 October 2016 : SC and SM Gathering and Gala Dinner


Registration Fees

  • PreEvent = Rp.150.000,00 / team
  • Competition

Early Bird = Rp.300.000,00 / person

Normal = Rp.350.000,00 / person

  • Forum Discussion = Rp.75.000,00 / person

Participants have to pay the registration fee (per person) via bank transfer

Bank Name        : Mandiri

Account Number    : 157000498304

Account Name    : Ratu Annisa


For further information, kindly visit our website at : elesium-ui.com and stay tuned by following our

Line : http://line.me/ti/p/@nim0553b (ELESIUM 2016)

Instagram : @elesium16

Twitter : @elesium16

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