Go Exchange and Experience Leadership Roles Through The AIESEC Experience

What is AIESEC?

AIESEC is The World’s Largest run-by-Students and recent graduates organization. Existing in 110 countries, AIESEC network provides youth in all around the world with leadership experiences, exchange opportunity, and global learning environment since it first existed in 1948. AIESEC alumns includes world and business leader, great people who do …many things for the society, such as Bill Clinton (former president of USA), Helmut Kohl (Chancelor Germany 82-98), Junichiro Koizumi (Former Prime Minister of Japan), and many more. AIESEC presence and influence have also been acknowledged by World Organization like United Nations.

What is the difference between AIESEC and other Student Organizations?

While other student organization gives you a campus-wide exposure and some national, AIESEC goes beyond limit by providing you an integrated international experience. Connection with like-minded people who want to give great positive impacts to the society together will really exceed your expectation of what a youth organization can do.

What are the activities AIESEC members do?

AIESEC Members will be equipped with many important skills that cannot be obtained in the academic life like leadership skill, time management skill, team and project management skill, communication, presentation and public speaking skill, marketing and meeting skill, media and promotion skill, and many many more which will be gained through training and conferences given by AIESEC since AIESEC believes that members are the most important asset. Moreover, AIESEC will enhance the practical skills of its members by running impact-giving projects, exchange and internship abroad, and organization functional work.

What are the benefits you will get as an AIESEC members?

International Network, Self Development both Personal and Professional, Leadership Experience, and thousands more.

How many people will be accepted in this Recruitment Process?

We don’t set the quota for the numbers of new members we will accept, as long as we can see the potential in you to be developed and some other certain criterias, we will recruit you as AIESEC UI’s new members.

What is the timeline of this recruitment process?

Application Form : 07 Feb – 14 Mar 2011
Focus Group Discussion : 15-16 Mar 2011
INTERVIEW : only those who pass the FGD Selection will be interviewed in 17-19 Mar 2011
Announcement: 31 Mar 2011

So, How to register ?

AIESEC UI OPEN RECRUITMENT takes place from 07 Feb – 14 Mar 2011


Youth at the maximum age of 30

Registration Process

a) Approach for AIESEC Representatives who will come to your faculty to get the application form, fill it, and submit it to AIESEC Recruitment Booth in Lobby Gedung A FEUI at the latest of 14th of March 2011, or at our roadshow booth. Timeline of roadshow:

FE : 7 – 11 Feb, 7 – 11 Mar
FH : 14 and 16 Feb
FIB : 17 – 18 Feb
FPsi : 21 – 22 Feb
FISIP : 23 – 25 Feb
FT : 28 Feb – 2 Mar
Universitas Pancasila : 16 – 17 Feb
Universitas Trisakti : 21 – 22 Feb
Universitas Pelita Harapan : 23 – 24 Feb
Universitas Atmajaya : 3-4 Mar

b) Directly come to AIESEC Recruitment Booth in Lobby Gedung A FEUI to get yourself the application form, fill it, and submit it to AIESEC Recruitment Booth in Lobby Gedung A FEUI or in our roadshow booth

c) Ask for the online application form by sending email to recruitment.aiesecui@gmail.com with subject FORM_Name_Faculty_Batch, we will reply with the application form, print it, fill it, and submit it to AIESEC Recruitment Booth in Lobby Gedung A FEUI or in our road show booth.

For More info
Contact :
Indri : 083898288681
Kalya : 08561400161

Join us in AIESEC and “Feel The Integrated Learning Experience!”

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