Invitation for Teleconference SEACHANGE!


Hi everyone,
Direktorat kemahasiswaan & International Office UI is inviting 60 students to join teleconference as the correspondent from Indonesia for the YES (SEACHANGE) conference in Kuala Lumpur. UI will hold the teleconference on date/days:

Monday & Tuesday 16th – 17th November 2009, from 07.30 – 16.30

venue: Multimedia Room, Soemadipradja&Taher, FH UI, DEPOK

Basically, the teleconference is trying to show how students, youth around the world, around ASIA especially, are potential agent of change. We’ll just have simple discussion with all the participants of the SEACHANGE conference @ KL. You get the experience of joining the SEACHANGE conference without having to go to KL. You can get to hear inspirational leaders, agents of change and other prominent actors in the world change movements and the best thing you can get to interact and pose questions to them. some of them are…

Biz Stone, Co-Founder of

Open, Informed, and Engaged: A Changing Communication Landscape

A trend toward “openness”… what does it mean, and where will it lead society to? As communication habits of the world evolve from traditional forms such as email and IM to more public options such as blogging, social networking, and now Twitter, Biz will discuss the value inherent in this, and what opportunities it brings for the new generation. He will also share a compelling history of Twitter including important, eye-opening moments, and explore the future of communication as it relates to Twitter, the web, mobile, and humanity.

Randi Zuckerberg, Marketing Director of

Social Change Through Social Media : How The Web is Changing the Way we Live, Vote and Organize

Randi Zuckerberg manages marketing initiatives at Facebook, where she has led the companyʼs US election and international politics strategy, as well as pioneered several large media partnerships. Included in The Hollywood Reporterʼs 2008 Digital Power List, Randi has led projects ranging from the ABC News/Facebook Presidential Debates to the CNN/Facebook Inauguration Day Partnership and Comcastʼs Facebook Diaries.

You need to RSVP first through e-mail, and those wait until you get the confirmation reply then your seat is confirmed.

Here’s the thing, we know that not all of you can come throughout the session. So we are going to make 2 sessions: 07.30 – 12.00 and 12.30-17.00. You can choose to come to either one, or you can come on BOTH sessions (it’s highly recommended) .

For those of you who need to skip class, Direktorat Kemahasiswaan UI can provide you the permission letter. In your registration email, You need to send us the details, your name and NPM and the class that you miss and we can provide the letter for you.

Please directly email to Rialucky: riaforpresident@ with the subject : SEACHANGE/yourname

Please mention in the email:Name/ NPM /Faculty / Major / Batch /Session Details for permission letters
This is a great opportunity, especially for you to get to discuss issues with friends across nations. And also for those of you who didnt get to join the conference in KL, joining this teleconference may give you the first hand experience and involvement of the real conference there without even having to spend a ringgit :). So, what are you waiting for, come and get yourfriends and join the fun!

one more note: ALL UI STUDENTS ARE INVITED. It is important for you to RSVP first by email, but if you happen to pass by FH UI and we still have empty seats (which most likely be full) you can still join us directly.
Looking forward to have you in the teleconference! 🙂
For further information, you may contact :

Natalia Rialucky Tampubolon

Students CoordinatorSEACHANGE – Teleconference, Indonesia

e-mail :riaforpresident@

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