Lowongan Insight Analyst, Back-end Developer, Jr. Account Executive & Content Writer di Foiniks Digital

Hello guys,

Foiniks is a digital agency based in South Jakarta. Foiniks are like minded young people, who falling in love with the digital world. Our core business is Digital and marketing communication services, which provides services of online campaign towards brands/product owners. Foiniks operates on local and regional scale market. We are continually looking for talented, committed and creative person to expand with and also bringing each employees idea in Digital Services business as reality.

We’re seeking candidates for :

  1. Insight Analyst
  2. Back-end Developer
  3. Junior Account Executive
  4. Content Writer


Job description:

  1. Analyzing data and providing insights about digital assets performance and proactively making recommendations to improve the user experience and engagement
  2. Preparing and producing analytics reports on a weekly or monthly basis
  3. Working with internal stakeholders to establish KPIs and related metrics
  4. Collaborating with implementation teams to ensure metrics requirements align with development capabilities
  5. Preparing written analysis and presenting findings and recommendations, to internal and external partners, with clarity and recommendations for specific actions to improve product
  6. Ensuring accuracy of data reporting


  1. Solid understanding of web analytics and industry-standard web analytics platforms
  2. Ability to troubleshoot, identify patterns, and generate new approaches to reporting
  3. Demonstrated understanding of basic marketing principles and how to use qualitative and quantitative information to develop successful solutions
  4. Strong understanding of web analytics implementation throughout websites and applications, and performing quality checks to ensure tracking and reporting is correct
  5. Ability to communicate reporting deliverables with both technical and non-technical internal stakeholders
  6. Strong attention to detail, accuracy, accountability and deadlines, with excellent organizational, time-management, multi-tasking and project management capabilities
  7. Experience using industry-standard analytics platforms such as Google Analytics and Facebook Insights



Job description:

  1. Design, implement, and maintain web application and infrastructure components
  2. Code highly efficient and scalable software
  3. Refactor amd improve maintainability of the codebase
  4. Fix bugs fast in unfamiliar code
  5. Solve complex scalability, platform, and integration problems
  6. Learn new paradigsm, languages, and libraries as you work
  7. Explain the technical trade-offs of different approaches, including estimating how long each will take to build
  8. Advanced understanding of emerging web technologies
  9. Maintain, contribute and adhere to our programming best practices and guidelines
  10. Maintain confidentially on all of the above, given the sensitive nature of some projects


  1. Excellent knowledge and experience with both object-oriented and service-oriented programming paradigsm
  2. Knowledge of database theory; familiarity with MySQL
  3. Creativity and ability to learn and solve problems quickly in a fast-paced environment
  4. Self-motivated engineer who can take the initiative and work effectively both independently and as part of a team of engineers
  5. Experience working with a version control system
  6. Experience with Javascript & PHP, experience in Python or Ruby is a plus
  7. Comfort working in a Linux environment
  8. Ability to program confidently in a web language, ultimately programming exclusively in PHP
  9. Knowledge of MVC architectures is a must
  10. Developed with CodeIgniter and Laravel, or at least one CMS framework or web application framework
  11. Ability to perform in a fast-paced, deadline driven environment
  12. Enthusiasm for innovation in the tech industry, including continuous learning and improvement
  13. Understands the technologies and languages which power the web such as HTML, CSS and Java Script
  14. Has experience with Git or another version control system



Job Description:

  1. Meeting a lot of new people, client and prospective business leads
  2. Planning and having as strategic ideas brainstorm with team
  3. Developing a new digital marketing proposal/ideas
  4. Create activity and monitoring report and assessment at the end of each campaign
  5. Maintain relationship with existing client


  1. Bachelor degree in Management, Communication or other Commercial major
  2. At minimum 2 years experience in practicing social media tools.
  3. Maintaining account role with exposure to lead client acquisition and client handling.
  4. Have a background on agency or digital related field is a plus points.
  5. Experienced working in flat type of organization is desired.



  1. Responsible for writing and publishing web content
  2. Maintaining and updating web pages/blogs
  3. Monitoring and responding to user-contributed website content; and participating in social media efforts for the company
  4. Finding and developing new ideas for web content
  5. Moderating user-generated content such as message Facebook pages/posts/twitter replies


  1. Strong writing, editing, and proofreading skills
  2. Well-organized and well-structured
  3. Experienced in writing for the web, content management and internet research
  4. Experienced with social networks and implementation of social media marketing
  5. Able to write an engaging online content
  6. Confident communication skills and excellent English, especially written
  7. Understand the basic concept of search engine optimization, and able to write search engine-friendly content
  8. A team player and provocative

For those who are interested, please send your best resume/CV to thesdy.kharisma@foiniksdigital.com

Thank you

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