Take An International Internship with AIESEC UI

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Global talent program is a platform for Youth to get out of their comfort zone, develop professional skills and gain more experience by having an internship in a company or institute in another country.

When you take an international internship it will improve your chance of employability by developing a global resume. It also increase youth impact in the world, because we see that society needs individuals who are entrepreneurial, culturally sensitive and socially responsible and take an active part in their own learning.

Our international internship opportunity offered within several fields; they are management, education,technical traineeship and information technology. So, this is a good opportunity for students who are in their final year of education or graduates up to the age of 30, or those of you who currently studying a specialize course!

Send your CV and English course certificate (TOEFL/IELTS/TOEIC/Etc) to ogxcorporate.aiesecui@gmail.com

So, take the chance and be a global talent and work as an #InternAbroad

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