The 10th Indonesian Capital Market Student Studies “Smart Investing: Becoming a Market Wizard”

Market Wizards is a worldwide best seller book written by Jack D. Schwager and published in 1988 in which he interviews a wide range of traders with excellent track records of profitability. Management Student Society of Faculty of Economics University of Indonesia, in order to educate university students all over Indonesia to be Market Wizards, proudly presents:

The 10th Indonesian Capital Market Student Studies  “Smart Investing: Becoming a Market Wizard”

National Conference, February 21-22, 2011:

Education Session:

–  Lin Che Wei – Economy Analyst

–  Rizal B. Prasetijo* – Senior Country Officer JP Morgan Indonesia

Our notable judges:

§  Poltak  Hotradero – Head of Research Division Bursa Efek Indonesia

§  Arie Pitoyo – Head of Equity Research Mandiri Sekuritas

§  Bastanul Siregar – Senior Editor Bisnis Indonesia

Seminar, February 23-24, 2011:

Day 1:

–  Keynote Speaker by Ito Warsito President Director of Bursa Efek Indonesia

–  1st Session: “Market Updates”  @ Paralel Session (tolong di BOLD) ini

o    Destry Damayanti – Chief of Economist Mandiri Sekuritas

o    Martin Panggabean*                 – Ex-Chief Economist Bank Mandiri

–  2nd Session: “A Simple Guide to Fundamental Analysis”

o    Joshua Tanja – Director of CFA Indonesia

–  3rd Session: “A Simple Guide to Technical Analysis”

o    Nico Omer – VP Research & Analysis Valbury Asia Securities

Day 2:

–  4th Session: “Safe Way of Investing”

o    Tino Moores*                           – President Director of BNP Paribas Investment Partners

–  5th Session: “AkSes Facility” by KSEI

–  6th Session: “Ethical Issues of Capital Market (Talkshow)”

o    Uriep Budhi Prasetyo –  Director of Bursa Efek Indonesia

o    Lily Widjaja – Chairperson of Asosiasi Perusahaan Efek Indonesia,    President Director of Merrill Lynch Indonesia

o    Ir. Nuhaida –  Chairperson of Bapepam LK

Training, February 25, 2011:

–  1st Session: “Personal Finance”

o    Ligwina Hananto – CEO of Quantum Magna Financial

–  2nd Session: “Risk Management and Pschology Trading”

o    Soeratman Doerachman – Founder of Junior Trader Club

Don’t miss it, or you’ll regret!

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