The Death of Education – The UI Story Continues

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Dear friends who concern in education

As you know, my last note was about the lecturer’s low salary at UI and also we’ve been unpaid for several months. After dealing and made some noise, I got the calculation of our salary scheme. There’s an increasing payment for teaching bachelor (S1 pagi) program for freelance lecturer, from Rp 82.000 to Rp 225.000/attendance/if you have master background. However there’s salary decreasing if you teach diploma and extension (S1 malam) program. Furthermore, every month you will receive different salary calculation.

Mostly lecturers reveice less salary than before, and this matter irritate them. Who made this genius formula? Probably the best financial director ever in this country! Or even our symphatetic rector, Mr. Gumilar Rusliwa.

Just for you info our salary will be fluctuated every month like wall street. They treat it like a simple business! If they gain profit, you will ‘Insya Allah’ been paid on time; but if they loss, ‘hopefully’ they will remember have an obligation to pay us.

The funny thing is UI has the best faculty in economics, finance, management and business. But you can’t manage well our salary? If we track back our country’s history, mostly our economic architects are from UI.

Mr. Gumilar, you dehumanized us, you treat us like dirt! I think you better start doing Warung (foodstall) business first before being a rector. It’s easier to calculate profit and loss, my dear!

How come you still do late payment to us? How come we can’t get our paycheck on time? How come our salary is like a roller coaster? How come until today there’s still lecturers haven’t receive their payment?Did you learn and adopt the formula from Wall Street?

It’s ashame that you think lecturers aren’t your precious asset, because you feel that there are tons of people who are lining-up to be UI’s lecturers. Come on… wake up! What do you expect with US$ 22/day or less for freelance lecturer? Don’t ever think that we always get other income, and teaching is just having fun and side income. There’s hundred freelance lecturers choose this job as their main income. Please dehhh!!

I beleive there’s hundred lecturers who have unbeleivable experience, dedicated, love and proud to teach at UI. Every semester they share their knowledge to create a better education for this country.

If you still ignore and disrespect us like this… I think you better re-think your position as UI’s rector.

originally published at Thursday, November 5, 2009 at 3:19pm

5 thoughts on “The Death of Education – The UI Story Continues”

  1. sebagai salah satu alumni UI..

    turut berduka cita atas kejadian yang benar2 tidak pantas terjadi di dunia pendidikan mana pun.
    Pengajar adalah aset utama.. mengajar dengan hati akan membuat pengajaran berlangsung efektif.

    semoga masalah ini dapet segera diselesaikan.


  2. Turut berduka.

    agak curcol sih tapi, sebagai salah satu freelancer di DRPM. masa iya bayaran pol cuman 50rb/day dengan kerja 8 jam.

    compare dengan

    Usaha Adsense yang sejak berkelut di DRPM jadi ngak maksimal. dengan comparasi wktu yang sama dapet minimal $10.

  3. Emang susah, dosen luar biasa di perlakukan seperti preman yang nongkrong jadi pak ogah cuma sebagai hobby. Pendapatan preman itu dari tongkrongan hobby nya cuma buat nenggak minuman keras doang, sedangkan pendapatan aslinya,yg untuk ngidupin keluarga, berasal dari kegiatannya “ngerampok” orang2. But Mr Rector, we are the lecturer,not the preman. Kami tdk sudi jadi rampok, meskipun banyak dari kami seperti itu


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