The Death of Education – UI Should Apologize

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If you concern towards Indonesian education, hope this matter will open your eyes.

As a guest lecturer (dosen tidak tetap), we’ve been paid per attendance. If you have a master degree, your numeration will: Rp 82.000 (US$ 8)/attendance/bachelor degree (S1 reguler-pagi), D3 and Extension bachelor degree (S1 Ekstensi) : +/- Rp 300.000 (US$ 30). Last semester we’ve been socialized with their new renumenaration program which the payment will be higher, especially if you teach S1 reguler (cross you finger), since the payment is under blue collar workers. This semester they install “the renumenaration integrated system”, meaning if you teach in other faculity(ies) or several degree programs, at the end of the month we will receive all the payments into our account.

Do you know what happen? On the 1st month all lecturer’s salaries delayed, and several lecturers included me haven’t been paid yet until the 2nd month installment, because of the administration problems. Then they said I will be paid on 22nd October 2009. But until 23rd, there’s no transfer at all. How come we have to ask several times for a salary? Do you think that 2 months without any payment to several lecturers are ‘okay’? Every month we have to go to the financial department for asking our paycheck. Don’t you think that they should automatically send to us this paycheck which is our rights to have it?

In the future we also have to do administration jobs, included register student attendance every week + our attendance and input it into the web. If we forget to do it, well… you can’t get your payment.

Wow… it’s a genius system. UI should apologize to us. They make our life miserable. I congratulate you Mr. Gumilar Rusliwa, rector of UI, that our university has reach its higher position than last year based on the World University Rankings. You have done an excellent job by delaying salary payment to lecturers. Two thumbs up for your appreciation to us! As a lecturers “We are the white collar slaves!!”

originally published at Saturday, October 24, 2009 at 12:36pm

12 thoughts on “The Death of Education – UI Should Apologize”

  1. Is it true? Well I knew it since I’ve been a student here. Not just guest lecturer, all workers here (especialy in my department) such as librarian, cleaning services, etc. are having difficulties to have a fair payment.
    I continue in Bahasa : Jadi gini, waktu midterm kemarin gak ada petugas yg jaga. Trus petugas perpus juga entah agak2 gak ikhlas ngelayanin mahasiswa. Entah itu dr cara dia ngelayanin sampai jam buka perpus yg ngaret dan jam tutup yg lbh awal. Selain itu dari segi fasilitas. Gw tiap hari ngerasa takut utk berada di Gd. Departemen yg tangganya udah gak layak dan sewaktu2 bs rubuh. Selain itu alat2 praktikum banyak yg rusak…

    ampun deh..

  2. well masalah ini udah lama banget gw denger..
    di fakultas gw pun terjadi hal yang sama (FE)
    Temen2 asdos gw pada delay juga gajinya.
    menurut hasil investigasi ini akibat sistem SENTRALISASI KEUANGAN. sekarang semua pembayaran terintegrasi ke rektorat. tapi sayangnya rektorat belom punya sistem yang BAGUS DAN TEPAT WAKTU.
    world class university?? ngimpi kali.. WC aja blom bener. world class university means world class service. world class service means speed, accuracy and convenience. coba pak gumilar dijawab apakah pelayanan pegawai bapak sudah mencerminkan tiga aspek diatas?? kalau belum berarti jalan UI menuju world class masiiihhhh sangaaattt jauuhhh sekaliii.

    kenapa kita ga bikin gerakan mendemo masalah ini sih. instead of demo lain ini kan lebih urgent at least untuk pegawai UI itu sendiri..

  3. even though gw masih ikhlas ngajar walaupun mahasiswa sangat pedas kalau ngasih komen. Gw ngajar jaga jarak agar bisa objective dibilang angkuh. Gw ilangin jarak, dibilang SKSD (sok kenal sok dekat). Moga2 Allah memberi kebaikan buat semua rekan dosen termasuk gw atas hinaan dari rektorat dan mahasiswa

  4. @arisoulisa: I don’t think so they’re wondering. Their mentality is: Lot’s of lecturer are out there want to teach at UI. For them, it’s easy to get lecturer. So which one do you choose? A lecturer or an educator?


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