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StudentsxCEOs is a revolutionary platform for selected students from reputable university in Indonesia meeting the prominent player in business and industries. Boost-up the network for top students and expand their knowledge by sharing ideas, stories and experiences with the CEOs.

StudentsxCEOs are preparing Indonesia’s top-tier students as the future business leaders by giving an insight and overview of business/industries world directly from the CEOs’. Then making impact to the communities by taking initiatives and creating multiple activities or projects based on resources and guidance from the CEOs’.

StudentsxCEOs previously known by “Meet the CEO” organized by ASEANpreneurs Indonesia Chapter. ASEANpreneurs is a student-organization which is based in NUS and have several chapter in ASEAN countries dedicated to promoting entrepreneurship around the ASEAN region.

we’ve met Prof Iskandar (CEO of Biofarma), Dicky Sukmana (Suave Magazine, and Invictus) in December 2010. and we’re planning to meet Rinaldy Firmansyah (CEO of Telkom), Andrew Darwis (CTO and founder of Kaskus), Betti Alisjahbana (former CEO of IBM, and founder and CEO of Quantum Business International), and many more

We’re now closing for the 1st batch application submission! but you still can participated in our “Guest student” program to join us in a private sharing session with Indonesian top business leaders, please keep yourself updates with the latest information

Fanpage : www.facebook.com/StudentsxCEOs
Twitter : @studentsxceos
Email : [email protected]

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